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The paxRhino Key Injection Service is a cost-effective, fast and highly secure alternative to traditional Local Key Injection (LKI) which physically takes place in a certified secure room.

Online Remote Key Injection (RKI) allows merchants serviced by acquiring banks & payment service providers to automatically, quickly and securely perform key injection directly at the point-of-sale.

PCI P2PE Approved; PCI PIN Approved


  • Remote Key Loading

    Remote key injection from bind KIS with a set of security solutions.

    Key Supported :


    Terminal Supported :


  • Convenient Support Service

    Operation manuals and tools downloading supported by PPN.

  • Emergency Response

    Emergency service hotline (under maintenance) and professional emergency service team.

  • Online Management Portal

    paxRhino Portal:

    The paxRhino Portal provides a user-friendly interface, supporting key and terminal management, real-time connection monitoring and statement downloading.

    PAXSTORE Entry:

    With some functions of paxRhino Portal integrated to PAXSTORE, the PAXSTORE supports multi-terminal operations and key configuration, as well as pushing tasks to the terminal.


  • PAX CA Certificate

    Self-operating CA Digital Certificate Authentication System enjoys controllable risk and higher cost-efficiency.

  • Network Unimpeded

    The multi-outgoing network supports 200+ terminals connected to RKI at one time.

  • Reliability

    The uninterrupted power system (UPS) guarantees RKI server high-efficient operation during a short power outage.

  • Expansibility

    Various APIs and abundant configuration items enable RKI integrate with third party systems easily.

  • Customization

    Providing customized RKI services, including but not limited to adding key templates and providing APIs, etc.

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  • Sales Team:apac_sz@paxsz.com

    paxRhino Portal:https://rhino.paxengine.com

  • Technical Support:support@paxsz.com

    PAX Partner Network (PPN):https://ppn.paxengine.com

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