• Smart PayPhone
  • Android SmartPOS
  • Android SmartTablet
  • Integrated SmartECR
  • Unattended Payment
  • Facial Recognition
  • Classic POS
  • Industrial PDA

Quad-core Processor, First-class Performance

The inbuilt well-performed Quad-core processor of the A920, is the key to provide fast and convenient payment experience.

Gentle as Jade, Meticulously Made

With ergonomic design and smooth outline, the crafted A920 gives you the jade-like grip feeling and visual experience.

Galaxy in Your Hand

The 5-inch HD touch screen is perfect for single-hand use and provides you vivid images and excellent interaction experience.

Capture Every Detail

The 5 megapixel auto focus camera with flashlight captures every detail of the codes, and makes payment faster and safer.

Full Protection for Every Transaction

Powerful, All Day Long

5250mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery keeps theA920 full-load operated for a whole day. 30-minute battery backup capacity makes sure the A920 is always powerful.

Portable and Prompt Printing

2-inch super-fast inbuilt printer could print receipt in few seconds and make the A920 a perfect portable payment solution.

Various Solutions for Wireless Communication

With the help of various wireless communication methods, you could process data fast and securely on the spot through: 2G/3G/4G,          Wi-Fi®.

Charging & Communication Dock

A docking station acts as a natural home for the A920, providing fast charging, more communication connections and data transmission via OTG.

Value-added APP

Base on the powerful CPU of the A920, the Android OS could install dozens of APPs and effectively manage different kinds of data.

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