• Smart PayPhone
  • Android SmartPOS
  • Android SmartTablet
  • Integrated SmartECR
  • Unattended Payment
  • Facial Recognition
  • Classic POS
  • Industrial PDA

Fashionably Metallic

The stylish and robust D188 will work all day no matter where you are.

Mobility, Greater Convenience

The D188 is the ideal payment terminal for use on the move.

Omni-Payment Solution

Fast Communication

The 2G connection enables the D188 to process payments on the spot.

Transaction Security Guaranteed

Packed with the most complete range of payment certifications (include the latest PCI 6.x certification).

Display Options

The D188's display comes in two sizes. choose between 2.4" colourscreen or 3.5" touchscreen.

E-Signature Supported

Upgrade to full touch screen.

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