• Smart PayPhone
  • Android SmartPOS
  • Android SmartTablet
  • Integrated SmartECR
  • Unattended Payment
  • Facial Recognition
  • Classic POS
  • Industrial PDA

Capture Every Detail as Seen in Real Life

The display on X5 is built with advanced light transmittance and low reflecting technology to ensure brilliant picture quality. The dual cameras with flash capture beautiful images even in the darkest of settings.

Professional Scanner

World-class Zebra scanner captures any electronic or printed 1D/2D barcodes and QR code in a second.

High Quality Dual Cameras

The 13MP auto-zoom rear camera with flash & 5MP front camera capture beautiful images and provide instant information on image based data such as vehicle number plates, driver licenses, etc.

Wireless Connectivity

4G, Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® ensures your X5 is always online and connected.

High Security. Large Capacity

PSAM slots enhance your data security. Choose between configurations of 2xPSAM+1xSIM or 1xPSAM+2xSIM. The TF card supports up to 128GB memory. It comes with a headphone jack and a 6-PIN POGO port for charging & data communication.

Long Battery Life

The rechargeable and detachable 3.8V/4500mAh Li-ion battery keeps X5 running for up to 10 hours.

Two Classic Colors

The X5 casing comes in either black obsidian or white jade.

Elegant Design

Data Powerhouse

X5 handles many forms of data, from scanning barcodes and QR codes, RFID and UHF tags, to managing photos and GPS coordinates, as well as reading NFC cards.

NFC Communication

X5 reads contactless cards within a 2-4cm range which run protocols such as ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, Mifare & Felica.

Superior RFID Scanning

The portable RFID module with comfortable grip means X5 can read UHF tags up to 8m away and can tag up to 200pcs simultaneously.

Ingress Protection 65 & IEC Ratings

Certified to IP65 ratings & IEC sealing standards, X5 is extremely rugged & durable, and can operate in high heat or low temperature environments.

Charging & Communication Dock

A docking station acts as a natural home for the X5, providing fast charging and data transmission. The battery can be also detached and charged separately.

Use-Case Scenarios

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