• Smart PayPhone
  • Android SmartPOS
  • Android SmartTablet
  • Integrated SmartECR
  • Unattended Payment
  • Facial Recognition
  • Classic POS
  • Industrial PDA

Powerful Performance

The E800 packs a state-of-the-art Quad-core processor, has huge memory capacity and offers all the benefits of Android.

Large Touch Screen

A brilliant 15.6-inch HD tablet-like display delivers a phenomenal viewing experience for retail staff, with dual-screens on the customer facing side.

Adaptive Display Technology

Screen brightness automatically adjusts to match the retail environment, with the display viewable from any tilt angle.

High-Speed Printing

Lightning-fast receipt printing and low-noise printer technology make every transaction pleasurable. The modular printer fits both 58mm & 80mm paper rolls.

Omni Payment

Never miss a sale. The E800 accepts any payment method, from traditional Chip & PIN and contactless, to alternative mobile wallet and QR code transactions.

Instore Wi-Fi Network

Simultaneously connect up to 30 other devices via the optional Wi-Fi® router.

Battery Backup

Never miss a transaction if the power goes down. 30-minute battery backup capacity.

Multiple Screens. One Device

The E800 is designed with customers and merchants in mind, delivering a seamless and efficient shopping experience.

Plug & Play

Multiple port hub connectivity enables integration with all types of peripheral hardware.

Display Size Options

The E800’s customer facing display comes in big, bigger and biggest sizes. Choose between 15.6”, 12.5” or 8”.

Facial Recognition

Inbuilt cameras empower the latest 3D facial recognition software apps.

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