• Smart PayPhone
  • Android SmartPOS
  • Android SmartTablet
  • Integrated SmartECR
  • Unattended Payment
  • Facial Recognition
  • Classic POS
  • Industrial PDA


  • Training

    PAX offers a variety of technical training including software development and hardware maintenance to our international partners to ensure they know our products as well as we do.
  • Technical Support

    Application development
    On-site technical support
    Remote technical support
    Consultancy services
    RFP preparation support
  • Warranty

    PAX offers a standard 1-year warranty on all products and extended warranty rates if required.

    Terminal hardware repairs, refurbishment, reconditioning, testing
    Software application loading & updating

PAX Partner Network

PAX Partner Network is a free cloud-based portal for all technical and support queries.

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