Larger, Smarter, Better

Next Generation Performance

A930RTX fully uses Android 10 and a powerful Octa-Core processor, 
enabling it to perform 100% faster than the previous version.

Quicker and Safer

A930RTX leverages our secure, connected framework to deliver a smoother checkout experience, engaging customers like never before. 

An upgraded version of the A930 with all-new

user-friendly design to better define each functional area to satisfy diverse needs. 

Full Connectivity

Powerful Battery

The long-lasting battery can keep the A930RTX up and running throughout the day. 

Flexible Payments

Maximizing the flexibility with all payment methods accepted, including
Contactless, Chip & PIN, Magnetic Stripe and QR Code Payments.  

Portable and Flexible

The integrated printer makes the A930RTX the perfect
portable device for indoor and outdoor use.

Customizable Area

An additional commercial option is provided for 
you to customize your logo.



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