Smarter Mobility

Smooth and seamless payment solutions for your journey.

Powerful Tools to Create Flexible Journey

Focus On The Experience

Dedicated to providing a quick and seamless checkout experience, we offer convenient and secure payment solutions that serve customers worldwide.

Where Innovation Meets Convenience

Enhance the payment process and minimize waiting time with intelligent features on smarter devices, streamlining the overall experience.

Embrace Digital Payments

Self-service solutions to support mobile wallets & QR code payments, delivering a smoother transactional experience.

Unlock New Business Potential

The use of powerful Android systems creates new opportunities for both customers and service providers.

Mobility Terminals

Device Management

Manage everything on the device

Simplify device management and ensure effortless device security. Beyond software loading and parameter management, estate managers benefit from a comprehensive range of remote support, troubleshooting and diagnostic services.


Application Management

Effortless application delivery

An App Store Marketplace enables the secure distribution and management of software apps. It provides a sales channel for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to market their applications and a shop window for users to select apps they are interested in.


Device Analysis

Get quick and deep insight into your device

Cellular use exceeding expectations? Devices out of geo-fence? Data analytics and business intelligence give you comprehensive and insightful summary information about your devices.

* This service is provided by GoInsight


Remote Troubleshooting

By your side, solving your problems

Provide instant support to remote employees and customers as if you were with them. Use remote assistance on devices located anywhere in world to resolve technical problems, device or software errors or network problems

* This service is provided by AirViewer


AppScan is a professional online scanning service that helps to enhance the security of the platform.

Identify the risk and provide a reference for application approval.

Provide quick scan for common Android vulnerabilities.


Stackly is an exception reporting and analysis system to track, analyze, and fix stability issues.

Real-time statistics and analysis of various types of crash and unresponsiveness.

Multi-directional exception issue charts that show the trend and distribution of exception.


Generate scan report in a short time.

Provides a multi-player collaboration model to improve the flexibility to handle exceptions.

CyberLab is a payment application cloud test platform that provides a new set of online services to improve product quality, productivity and efficiency.


Real-time device testing.

Script online debugging/recording.

Automated functional testing.

Deep compatibility testing with your customized script.

Global Use Cases

Aral Pulse's EV charging solutions powered by IM30 spanning across Germany

The PAX IM30 seamlessly incorporates Aral Pulse solutions, ensuring easy and convenient card payments for ultra-fast charging services.


PAX IM30 enables unattended payment in commute Rail in Thailand

IM30 is designed to increase unattended sales, combines all benefits of Android with the robustness of unattended product.


Transportme integrated  PAX A920 into its software solution

Providing a seamless experience for the passenger to make contactless payments via EMV, Apple Pay, Google Pay and smartcards in Australia.


KBank utilizes A920Pro at PTT oil station

KBank deployed A920Pro with innovative petro payment solution to PTT, a Thai state-owned listed oil and gas company in Thailand.