Designed to increase unattended sales
New-generation Unattended Experience
Delivering an optimal viewing experience at any angle, day or night. Enhancing customer experience by running Android-based apps via a high-resolution hardened display.
Larger screen, 5-inch
High resolution, 720 x 1280 pixels
PIN-on-Glass technology
Dual Cameras
A dedicated camera & scanner enables facial recognition as well as QR code & regular barcode scanning.
Multiple Connectivity
With the addition of MDB interfaces (for vending, parking meters and other use cases), Bluetooth, 4G connectivity, the IM30 extends its connection capabilities and enables to add optional modules to enhance flexibility.
A Future-proof Solution
The Android-based platform sustains endless possibilities. Customize your unattended experience by implementing suitable business applications to support your business.
Robust and Reliable
Designed to perform in the harshest of outdoor environments.
Accept Any Payment
High-end security features comply with industry standards, improving IM30 operability and establishing trust with customers.
Strong and Safe
IM30 transforms self-service systems into interactive points of transaction, delivering a modern suite of value-added apps for loyalty, couponing and e-wallet acceptance.
Easy Integration & Implementation
Ideal for industries where staff cannot be present at all times.
Supported by MAXSTORE
The payment industry's most popular software distribution marketplace, allowing you to manage devices with more value-added services.
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