PAX A920Pro SmartPOS Elevates PolCard's Terminal Offering

PAX A920Pro SmartPOS Elevates PolCard's Terminal Offering

PolCard from Fiserv's strategic decision solidifies the position of PAX Android terminals, now embraced by all major payment terminal operators in Poland.


PAX Technology, the world's leading payment terminal solutions provider, is pleased to announce that Fiserv Polska, the owner of the PolCard brand, has introduced the PAX A920Pro SmartPOS device into its offering in Poland. The cooperation marks another milestone between Fiserv and NOVELPAY - FinTech Software House, following the successful implementation of unattended IM20 terminals. They have been deployed in ticket machines provided by The Mint's of Poland and in DHL's parcel machines.
Featuring the latest PCI and Android operating system, the A920Pro boasts a 5.5-inch touchscreen. According to Fiserv Polska, the A920Pro stands out for its compact size, intuitive interface, delivering smartphone-like user experience, and efficient battery. This design enhances convenience for mobile workers as it eliminates the need to carry additional cables and chargers, with no risk for the device to quickly discharge.

With various connectivity options, including WiFi and 4G modules, PolCard from Fiserv became the first acquirer in the Polish market to offer clients the capability to integrate the payment device with ECR systems through cloud solutions.



PAX A920Pro facilitates wireless and swift connections tailored to specific industries, such as courier services, catering, hospitality, or beauty. Its seamless integration with numerous business applications allows clients to receive their A920Pro terminals with functionalities finely tuned to their specific needs. Whether it's a courier application, a solution for accepting tips in restaurants or streamlining orders in stores, the possibilities are vast, as noted by Robert Andrukiewicz, Director of Product Development and Card Compliance at Fiserv Polska.


PAX takes pride in Fiserv's strategic choice to incorporate the innovative A920Pro into its suite of offerings, empowering businesses with a robust and versatile tool to elevate their payment processes.

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