Smarter Self-service

Deliver an unattended payment experience like never before.
Perfect Solution to Take Your Business On
Future-proof Solutions
PAX unattended solutions designed for the future’s transactional technology.
Secure & Reliable
The highest of international security standards & certifications delivered inside devices built with high quality ruggedized materials.
Embrace Digital Payments
Self-service solutions to support mobile wallets & QR code payments, delivering a smoother transactional experience.
Saving Time is Money
Multiple payment method acceptance guarantees faster throughput and happier customers.

Self-service Terminals

  • More products to come......
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Break out of the box and take advantage of next-generation payment devices and an open marketplace of high-quality POS apps and Android based POS devices.
Cloud Based Deployment
High Concurrency for Binary Update
Multi Brands Devices Support
API Integration Suite
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A professional remote assistance tool provided by PAX. With AirViewer, you can remotely control your POS terminal from the PAXSTORE cloud platform anytime, anywhere. It can help the support staff quickly troubleshoot faulty devices and applications, greatly saving your maintenance costs.
Completely Secure
Extremely Low Cost
Real-Time & More Efficient
Seamless integration
Multi-regional Data Centers
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AppScan is a professional online application security scanning service that helps developers find application risks and provides a reference for the administrators when approving applications, and enhances the security of the platform.
Application Assurance
Broad Coverage
Process Independence
Seamless Integration
Fast Scanning
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Stackly is a real-time exception reporter that helps developers track, prioritize, analyze, and fix stability issues to improve the App quality. It brings you a relaxing way for App troubleshooting.
Accurate Positioning
Low Cost
Comprehensive Analysis
Real-Time & More Efficient
Flexible handling  
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CloudMessage provides rich, stable and efficient messaging capabilities to application developers and service providers. Let them build message channels quickly, push multiple types of message at any time, adapt to various business scenarios, enhance user stickiness.
Diversity of Message Types
Stability of Unified and Real-time Connecting Channel
Flexibility of Target Selection
Convenient experience for user
Professioncy of support
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Turn data into insights through easy integration. Turn ideas into reality through efficient analysis. Turn trends into decisions through rapid data mining.
Smartly monitor and alert device activities.
Empower enterprises to build unified big data systems.
Scientifically support business decisions with data.
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SmartLanding enables traditional terminals to seamlessly connect with PAXSTORE cloud service platform, manage them like smart terminals, and benefit from platform services.
Reduction of Cost
Real-Time & High Efficiency
Security & Reliability
Unified Management
AirViewer is a remote assistance tool for you to remotely control your terminals from anywhere, at any time.
24/7 technical support.
Highest level of security.
AirLauncher allows merchants to customize the look & feel of each PAX terminal deployed.
A personalized UI style to reflect your brand identity.
Multiple settings with one Launcher tool.
Multi-regional data centers are set up to ensure fast connections.

Time and cost saving.